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Lion King London, Lyceum Theatre

The Lion King Tickets, Lyceum Theatre London

Almost everyone would have already watched the Disneyland movie and almost everyone should be intrigued to watch, in flesh and blood, the performance that is deemed by many to be better than the film itself and the absolute best of the West End. Lion King tickets have already grossed over £289 (million!) and the show has been watched by more than 8 million people in the UK alone. It has also won 6 Tony awards during its stay at Broadway.

Theatre lovers would agree that among all West End musicals, the Lion King tickets deliver the best value for money. The musical is the most jaw dropping and the most enjoyable show to date. It is set in the Serengetti plains, in all pomp and valour and depicts the beautiful story of Simba, a young male lion cub whose birth thwarts his uncle’s dreams of succession to the throne. Scar (Simba’s uncle) plots and attempts to kill both Simba and his father (King Mufasa) but succeeds only in removing the father.

Young Simba is taken into voluntary custody by Pumbaa (a warthog) and Timon (a meerkat) who take him away from Scar’s evil reign and the cunning hyenas whom the lion has employed to overthrow the throne. The orphaned cub is looked after with absolute devotion and grows up in full strength except that he has not really lived the dangerous life of a lion, the most ferocious beast of the wild. He needs to find courage within himself to take back his birthright and restore good back to his kingdom. The story is about personal growth, from childishness to adulthood and the development of belief in ones own self. It is about cunning, evil, family feuds and in the end, the triumph of good over bad.

The story is extremely powerful and is transposed to stage with complete justice. As soon as the performance begins, you will have your jaw drop out of its place, so spectacular is the start. The puppetry is stunning, choreography - immaculate, movements - perfect, Elton John’s beautiful music –heart melting, lighting – masterful and acting – exotic! The culmination of performances brings the Lyceum theatre alive right before your eyes, it takes you into the Serengetti and keeps you there right to the drawing of the curtains.

Not a moment passes by without your heart or mind being treated with beautiful theatrical indulgence. Either the music pulls you into its fold or the characterization brings you to the verge of your seat or your eyes get ready to pop out with the extraordinary visuals and choreography. Lion King tickets will not be anything less than the perfect retreat from our busy lives.

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